It’s no surprise that weddings cost a great deal of money! In fact, the amount of money spent on weddings can extend from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars in the blink of an eye. With so many elements creating your big day, you will certainly want to save as much money as possible within your budget.

While you may have a budget to stick to for your wedding, there are actually some additional factors that you can consider, to save you some money! Are you aware of what they are?

We understand what it takes to plan a wedding! That’s why, here at The Falls Event Venue, as a Houston wedding venue, we have gathered some tips to assist you in saving money within your own wedding budget. If you are curious to learn how, be sure to continue reading to discover more:

  • Your Date

    As you choose a date for your wedding, you may think that the day will pose no problem to your wedding budget. However, a single day can do more hurt to your wallet that you may have thought. If you plan to tie the knot on a weekend, rather than a weekday, you can guarantee that the cost will be higher. Also, if you are planning your nuptials around a holiday, especially a major one, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, or the 4th of July, prices are usually also higher, not to mention the expenses that your guests will encounter if they must travel. To save money, choose a date that it is an off season, as it will greatly assist in saving you some money within your budget.

  • Your Guest List

    It’s no surprise that with more wedding guests, comes more expenses for your wedding! If you limit your guest list, you can have some comfort in knowing that you can also limit other aspects of your big day, such as the amount of seating needed, and food. Every person attending your wedding will need a meal, slice of cake, and place to sit; these are all aspects that will in the end, cost you more money. So, know that if you invite only those who you feel are necessary to attend your big day, you will limit your expenses.

  • Your Seating

    The way you seat your guests within your reception can actually assist you in saving money within your budget. More tables will mean that more centerpieces and linens will need to be purchased. So, if you line up your tables, rather than present multiple, single tables, you can cut the costs of your centerpieces, flower arrangements, and tablecloths.

Planning a wedding can become quite costly! However, with these tips, you can cut down your wedding budget.

So, if you are all set to book a wedding venue in Waller, Texas to host your own big day within, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at The Falls Event Venue, as we are all set to schedule your tour!


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