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Wedding trends are a wonderful way for you to add a dash of personalization to your big day! From unique elements of décor, to creative favors, there are many trends that you could choose to showcase throughout your own wedding.

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Are you aware of some the most popular wedding trends that have debuted this year?

We love when couples incorporate trends into their nuptials! That’s why, here at The Falls Event Venue, as a Houston wedding venue, we have comprised some of the popular wedding trends to inspire your own big day. If you would like to discover what these trends are, be sure to continue reading:

  • Natural Appearances

    Often, you see bold red lips and smokey eyes adorning brides on their big day! However, this year, expect to see more natural appearances. By choosing neutral color palettes, brides are flaunting a more organic style down the aisle, and it’s gorgeous!

  • Diverse Bridal Parties

    Gone are the days where you must have women on the brides’ side and men on the grooms’. In fact, “Man of Honor” and “Best Woman” are becoming new roles within weddings! After all, who says a brides’ closest friends are women? And, men for the groom? This year, there are no rules when it comes to comprising your bridal party!

  • Modest Gowns

    Brides certainly swooned over Meghan Markle’s modest wedding dress for her royal wedding. So, this year, expect to see an array of modest gowns flaunted down the aisle! From sleeves, to dresses that showcase little to know detail, brides are accentuating their natural beauty with simple gowns.

Trends are certainly a wonderful addition to a wedding! These are just a few that you will want to consider for your own big day.

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If you are ready to showcase your own trends within a wedding venue in Waller, Texas, please get in touch with us here at The Falls Event Venue! We understand that every wedding should be planned to perfection, and would be pleased with the opportunity to ensure that yours is.


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